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Advanced Open Water Diver

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Follow-up training

General provisions

The course Advance Open Water Diver is the course from the beginner to the master-amateur of an advanced level. If after the first acquaintance the diving has become an integral part of your life and you would like to become a more experienced diver, the course Advance Open Water Diver specifying diving in different conditions at the depths not deeper than 30m is just that course. The course is aimed at the one who wishes to renew and add the skills, get maximal delight from snorkeling and  try yourself out as an instructor or a rescuer.

Course objectives

Diving lessons specified by the program which has to be passed in order to get a certificate on the Advanced Open Water Diver course must be chosen independently at your discretion from a wide list in which up to 15 options from the night dives to the exploration of caverns and sunk ships are proposed.

The choice in this case is rather wide: it is the diving under currents and use of a vessel or a towing vessel as an initial point for diving and it is viewing of underwater objects and studying fish and peculiarities of the processes of the underwater filming. You may choose either diving in a dry suit or a night diving in order to practice your skills. The lessons connected with underwater orienteering and discovering different subjects at the depth ideally suit for improving safety skills while diving.


Having got the Advanced Open Water Diver certificate you will make one more step to the highest rank in the amateur diving – Master Scuba Diver.

Maximum dive depth: 30 meters

Minimum age: 15 years