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Open Water Diver 5 day

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Initial course

General provisions

The Open Water Diver course is the first initial training course. It is very popular and it is a pass to the exciting world of adventures in diving.

Course objectives:

Learning to use modern equipment for diving:

  • to pick up his mask, snorkel, fins, suit;
  • to adjust weight belt, to disassemble and assemble “Scuba” collect, to check its performance;
  • put on and take off all the equipment in different conditions; look after him and keep him in working order;
  • familiarize with a variety of diving equipment and ways of its functioning.

Mastering the modern diving techniques:

  • partnership  system;
  • entry into the water;
  • diving, buoyancy control, the rule of one minute;
  • orienteering with a compass under water;
  • climb out of the water.

Working out the options in a variety of emergency situations that occur during diving:

  • running out of air;
  • exhaustion on and under water;
  • removing cramp;
  • non-stop working regulator.


After completing the course the instructor gives the cadet the temporary certificate, which is valid for three months, and simultaneously sends documents for a permanent certificate to the appropriate regional office of PADI.

Diving time: 30-35 minutes under water

Maximum depth of diving: 18 meters

Minimum age: 12 years

Follow-up training

You have learnt the elements of diving and become a certified diver. What to do next?  If diving is what you need and you are ready to get your head into it, it’s the right time to continue your diving training!

Follow-up training course will allow to expand the skills of those divers who already have basic diving skills. Within this course you willl get 5 lessons which will give you fresh knowledge about diving specifics and open new possibilities: from deep dives and wreck dive to learning peculiarities of underwater photographing and video filming. You will be able not only to obtain several colored impressions from such substantial dives but to know about new possibilities in diving.