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Diving for people with disabilities

Immersion into the world of freedom – diving for people with disabilities continues living and developing. The person having certain problems in moving on land gets a possibility to move underwater without difficulty, to open a new world of flora and fauna, unique relief and paints.

Diving is the most available kind of recreation for people with disabilities. Due to the loss of weight scuba diving gives incredible new impressions. If diving is an entertainment for most people, for the people with disabilities it is an original therapy aimed at socialization and integration into society.

Diving is to improve the quality of peoples’ with disabilities life, it provides a possibility to such people to feel them as full-fledged members of the society, to become one of the few who can dive under water, to take part in an unusual educational process, to see the beauty and grandeur of the underwater world.

The training programs are adapted for corresponding groups of people with disabilities taking into account their individual physical features and age.  Any form of the lessons is available: from the trial theoretical and practical lessons and basic training to the participation in diving in open water.