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The popularity of diving is high among different age groups. Children have been successfully doing it since the age of 8. The fascinating  underwater world which they used to see in the motion pictures only they cannot just watch but also touch with their hands. This entertainment leaves such tremendous impressions that many little divers would like to devote their further life to it.

Children diving in Eilat will present to a child lots of impressions of underwater adventures in warm waters of the Red Sea and skilled instructors of the Custo Diving Center will help them in it.

It is necessary to mention the fact that the children’s diving activity has a wholesome effect on the health of a growing child’s organism. Swimming with flippers and physical exercises in water improve immunity, train stamina and make the child’s organism hardy.

There are no strict requirements for enrolling in the course, just the child’s desire and the parent’s permit.

Diving for children is made at low depths accompanied by skilled instructors providing maximal security.