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Deep Diver

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Specializations

General provisions

The PADI Deep Diver course (deep dives down to 40m) suggests to plunge into adventures that will last a lifetime and to see what the others can only dream about. The program of the course includes 4 dives in the open water which can be conducted during 2 days. Maximum diving depth is 40m.

This diving course is developed for training the divers on knowledge and skills

required for planning and conducting deep dives. Within the Deep Diver course the divers learn to conduct long no decompression dives with the transfer to gas mixture, decompression dives using air, enriched air and pure oxygen.

Course objectives:

  • to practice skills and methods required for deep dives;
  • to learn to plan, arrange and conduct no decompression dives to the depth of 40m;
  • to get practical experience and skills of deep dives;
  • planning, preparing and stages of conducting the dives;
  • dangerous situations and the problems which can occur as a result of deep diving;
  • safety stop and action plan in case of emergency;
  • special equipment, diving rope and peculiarities of buoyancy control;
  • use of independent air source.

Term of enrolling the course:

  • availability of the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate or its equivalent;
  • availability of the PADI Rescue Diver certificate or its equivalent;
  • availability of the PADI Enriched Air Diver certificate and its equivalent;
  • availability of the PADI Deep Diver certificate and its equivalent;
  • to have 100 registered dives as a minimum, 20 of which are the dives on enriched air, 25 dives to the depth more than 18m and at least 15 dives to the depth of more than 30m.

The students not younger than 15 with the level not lower than Advanced Open Water Diver (or its equivalent) are enrolled in the course.