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Emergency First Response

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Follow-up training

General provisions  

The program of the first aid “Emergency First Response program” is developed on the base of the International ILCOR committee standards and in accordance with the current requirements to the first aid procedure to those people who need it. Any person no matter what he is either a diver or not may take the courses within this program

Course objective:

Within the Emergency First Response course you will learn to provide emergency assistance in the situations threatening life of an injured person. You’ll master eight skills for aiding the patients, who have no heartbeat, who are not breathing, who may have serious bleeding,  may be in shock and have  a spinal injury, who have heat exhaustion and hypothermia, first aid when drowning,  burns, dangerous animal bites. You will learn to monitor the functions providing vital activity of the sufferer and get acquaintance with the main steps of the first aid.

The course consists of two lectures with the application of practical skills being practiced as on a special mannequin for conducting training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation as some skills being practiced on your course mate.

After passing the course you will feel confidently in any extraordinary situation and will keep your head if anybody needs first aid.

Minimum age: 12 years

Duration of the course: 2 days