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Emergency First Response

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Specializations

General provisions

The program of the first aid “Emergency First Response program” is developed on the basis of the International standards and in accordance with the current requirements to the first aid procedure.

You will be able to provide the first aid in life-threatening situations. The main task of the course is to teach a correct sequence of actions in emergency, monitoring main vital functions, mastering main skills allowing effective actions in case of heart failure and/or breathing, severe bleeding, shock and spinal trauma.

From this course you will know:

  • the methods of doing artificial respiration;
  • the methods of doing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation;
  • the peculiarities of  the first aid in case of shock and suspicion of spinal injury;
  • the methods of assistance to a choking person;
  • the methods of stopping the bleeding, the methods of bandaging and splinting;
  • the peculiarities of helping children