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This course opens the door to the professional diving. You will see the aspects of organizing and planning immersions in a new way, learn to assist the instructor while conducting diving courses and accompanying divers during immersion.

The skills of working with the equipment which you got at the initial course of training will be perfected to such a degree that you’ll be able to show them while conducting the courses. You will drill into learning the theory of diving – physics and physiology. You will precisely imagine the processes taking place in the organism while diving. If  before you knew how to plan your  immersion with a partner now the planning of immersion with a group of divers is being learnt.

Who is a professional diver? This term means either a divemaster or an instructor. A divemaster is a person who has sufficient knowledge and skills to accompany trained divers during their immersion and assist the instructor to train the divers. An instructor is a person who has the right to train people the scuba diving and issue international certificates to them.

While attending the courses the future instructors learn to give lectures in a correct way, to make presentations, to conduct lessons in a swimming pool and in open water. During the course the candidates learn the details of diving business and the standards of learning, expand their knowledge about various aspects of diving, physics of immersion and human physiology. Each candidate for a position of an instructor has to take the course and pass an exam in the International Federation PADI.