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Going on a trip for diving in Eilat it is necessary to take care of your protection. If anybody plans scuba diving, the insurance is surely required for providing the tourist’s security.

For your service you can purchase the insurance at our Custo Diving Club site because we are directly connected to the International insurance company specializing in diving. A number of insurance companies have made a special set of programs for providing assistance to the divers in any situation and in any country especially for those who love underwater beauties. The purpose of insurance is to provide you with timely health care and help you to avoid large and urgent expenses to preserve your life and health.

The insurance for the certified divers is the first what must be done before entry to water.  As soon as you arrive in a diving center at any place of the world first of all you will be asked to show the international insurance which covers all traumas connected with underwater sport.

There are several programs helping to choose the insurance which meets the demands of an insured person. The following persons who:

  • learn diving;
  • are sportsmen-divers;
  •  are professional instructors;
  • are certified divers

can be insured on given programs.

Contents insurance at this link insurance.idive.co.il/