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Introductory dive

Introductory dive (IntroDive)

The rest and diving in Israel.

Do you want to dive with a scuba? Why don’t you try to do it during your rest in Eilat?

The Introductory dive in Eilat is the simplest and the most affordable way to make a trial excursion to the depths of the Red Sea. It will be your first step to the underwater world and the Custo Diving Club will show you the best sites for scuba diving and provide a qualitative, safety and exciting dive. Make your first breath under water, don’t stint yourself in swimming on the sea surface with a mask and a  snorkel!

What does the course include?

  • Before a dive an experienced instructor will brief you during 15-20 minutes and you will be told about the main principles of diving, about the diving equipment and how to use it, what to do under water, how to breathe and swim with scuba correctly and about the main signs allowing divers to communicate under water.
  • You will have some practical lessons at the depth when your head is above the water surface and these lessons will help you to feel more confident.
  • At the next stage you will be able to start the trial diving in order to have a real underwater adventure. The dives are done from the shore of the most picturesque place of the Eilat sea coast. You will watch the life at the bottom of the Red Sea being under water in a constant contact with an instructor.

Introductory dive is the first step to getting an international certificate. Some skills which are taught within the course Open Water Diver are mastered at this stage.

Diving time: 15-30-45-55 minutes under water.

Maximum diving depth: 6 meters

Minimum age: 8 years