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Night Diver

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Specializations

General provisions

Specialization Night Diver.

According to the PADI the night dives are considered to be the ones performed since sunset till sunrise. Accordingly you needn’t wait for a late night to perform a fascinating dive.

Night underwater world is very different from the day, night diving skills will help you to see such underwater inhabitants which cannot be seen during a day time.  Technique of night diving is significantly different from daytime technique, mainly due to the lack of general illumination. Even well-examined place for diving seems a new and unknown one at night.

The theoretical part of the course covers:

  • planning, organization, implementation, technology, potential problems and hazards of night diving;
  • terms of buoyancy control, navigation and communication;
  • using underwater lights and a partnership system;
  • the problem of disorientation and emergency events;
  • the overview of night underwater fauna.

Within the special course the divers perform 3 night dives in the open water learning planning and performing the dives in the dark.

How to take a course?

The students who are 12 years old and with a PADI certificate (Junior  Open Water Diver)  or its equivalent are accepted  in the course.