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Peak Performance Buoyancy

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Specializations

General provisions

The special course Peak Performance Buoyancy is an excellent opportunity to improve the skill of buoyancy control. The skill in handling buoyancy enables to save an own power and to damage the environment. This course is recommended to all divers who passed the initial course of diving for further improving their buoyancy skills.

Course objectives

The following subjects are learnt within the course:

The fundamentals of the perfect buoyancy control:

  • checking buoyancy;
  • regulating buoyancy under water;
  • the position of weights and their partitioning.

Use of the guidelines on selection of weights PADI Basic Weighting Guidelines:

Achievement of the highest level of buoyancy control:

  • artitioning of weights and their displacement in the most comfortable position (in water);
  • studying the ways of visualization before a dive;
  • a buoyancy test;
  • maintaining neutral buoyancy at different stages of diving;
  • adjusting neutral buoyancy under water;
  • hanging in the water column.

2 dives in the open water which can be performed during 1 day are included into the program.

The terms of enrolling in the Peak Performance Buoyancy course:

The divers who are 12-years and older and have a PADI Open Water Diver certificate (Junior Open Water Diver) or its equivalent can take this course. The result of passing this course is an ability to save air under water, safety under water, preservation of normal visibility under water, preservation of the environment, getting a good level of training. After the course you can claim the title of Master Scuba Diver PADI if you have a certificate on any other four specialties.