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Scuba Diver Course

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Initial course

General provisions

The Scuba Diver course being the course lower than the initial one must meet the growing demand on the certificates which can be earned within a shorter time and which gives the right to dive under the supervision of the experienced instructor. The Scuba Diver course makes diving accessible for people who are short of time and prefer to dive under direct supervision of the instructor. The course is perfect if you are planning to dive in the warm seas several times a year. A scuba diver level allows to dive under direct guide of the instructor or the specialist of a higher level. It is an excellent chance to explore marine life and feel totally safe because an experience professional is behind you.

The elements of diving are taught within this program. A PADI Scuba Diver certificate gives the rights to fill scuba tanks, to take equipment for diving activities under the supervision of the professional. After completing training on the program you may hone your knowledge and skills learning on PADI system.

The term of training: at least 2 days, better 3 days. The course includes: 3 theoretical modules, 3 dives in shallow water and two dives to the depth of 12 meters, because the theory and calculation of decompression is not studied in this course yet.

Diving time:  30-35 minutes under water.

Maximum diving depth: 12 meters

Minimum age : 12 years

Duration of the course: 3 days