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Search and Recovery Diver

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Specializations

General provisions

Search and Recovery Diver Course (Searching and salvaging of sunk objects)

This is a special course for real adventurers. You will be taught not only to search lost objects under water but to use lifting devices (a parachute) and tie knots in a correct way. As other special courses the given course gives you new knowledge and expands the limits of possibilities. There is a number of different ways of searching and lifting lost objects. It is interesting and fascinating to learn it. 4 dives in the open water are included into the program.

Course objectives

The program of the course includes teaching different methods of searching and lifting the objects, namely:

  • planning, organizing, methods of conducting and technique of the dives with a purpose of searching and lifting sunk objects and also complexities and dangers connected with the lifting of sunk objects;
  • diving in the conditions of limited visibility and the way of underwater navigation;
  • correct and safe technique of positioning, different ways of searching, use of ropes and reels;
  • correct and safe technique of lifting the objects using various facilities.

Minimal term of the special course is 2 days and the theoretical preparation and the lessons in the water take the same time.

The terms of enrolling in the course Search and Recovery Diver:

12 years old and older divers having a PADI Open Water Diver certificate or its equivalent and a document certifying passing the course PADI Underwater Navigation or a certificate PADI Advanced Open Water (Junior Advanced Open Water) or its equivalent.