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There are many various directions in diving requiring special knowledge and training. The developed system of the special PADI courses provide s you with a large number of knowledge, skills and experience of dives in the field selected by you and it gives you an opportunity to achieve your goal with a great accuracy.

The most popular courses: dive in a dry suit, dive on Nitrox mixes, mastery of buoyancy, underwater navigation – extend your possibilities underwater almost indefinitely. Such directions as underwater photography, video, search and recovery of sunken objects, become life-long fascination for many people, or even the second profession.

You will acquire knowledge and skills corresponding to the subject matter of the selected course at all PADI specializations. Some specialties require Open Water Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver pre-certification, some specialties can be learn together with the Open Water Diver course and you may start learning PADI “Underwater Digital Photographer” course without any diver certificate.