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Technical diving is not everybody’s activity but if you like exactly this kind of diving and you are able to take all risks, responsibility and obligations then the impressions from the technical dives will exceed all your expectations.

Technical diving is a diving including at least one of the following moments: the dives to the depth more than 40 meters requiring decompression, the dives to the places remote from the direct exit to the surface, the dives with accelerated decompression or with the use of various gas mixtures being changed during a dive. Technical divers are undoubtedly the researches exploring hydrospace inaccessible for many amateur divers.

That is why the course according to the programs PADI Tec Rec contain more requirements and tests than amateur diving courses and include teaching additional risk management. Teaching technical diving includes a serious training on steadiness to stress under water, practicing the skills of actions in emergencies to achieve complete automatism and a large volume of theoretical material as well.