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A buddy for diving

A practice of a pair diving as a matter of fact is a classical kind of diving, exactly the only kind of diving which was practiced at the dawn of scuba diving.  Buddy diving is a practice of a pair diving that is the process of diving with a partner whom you absolutely trust and you repose complete faith in his professionalism on 100%.

Our club often gets requests to find a good partner for diving so we would like to propose you free assistance in searching a buddy for your dives. If you make an appointment, we could help you to find a suitable pair or a group which you could join.

A partner must be chosen according to personal interests, diving interests or taking into account the diving experience. As this is an issue of security you should be absolutely sincere both with your buddy and yourself – a degree of sincerity directly depends on a degree of yours and your buddy dive security.

The system of partnership gave tangible results a million times when diving. A buddy under water is an extra pair of eyes and hands. The assistance in putting on and taking off a suit, preparing equipment and tightening the belts, the assistance with weights and tanks and water entry are only some arguments in favor of the partnership system.