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Check-dive in Eilat

Check-dive is a test dive for the certified divers who have not dived for a long time. The goal of a dive is to refresh previously obtained diving skills and to remind you key points of the theory and practice.

If a half of the year has passed since your last dive you have to make a check-dive as the first dive at the first day of diving in Eilat for your safety and comfortable diving. An instructor will help you to pack equipment before a check- and instruct you about the skills you will have to perform under water. You will show these basic skills to the instructor at the beginning of diving and then you will continue diving in normal regime. Thus you will acquire confidence after a long interval.

We find it necessary to remind you that Israeli legislation requires a diver to make a check-dive if he has not dived for previous six months. The divers with a Divemaster certificate or higher and the divers who made not less than 50 registered dives are exempted from check dives.

The following documents should be submitted for making a check-dive:

  • a diving certificate;
  • a diving insurance;
  • Log Book with the dives during last six months.     

A diving insurance can be purchased in our diving center.

We will be glad to see you in Custo Diving Club.