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System of training: PADI

Level of training: For professionals

General provisions

The PADI Divemaster course is the first step to the professional diving. Having got a Divemaster qualification the most of divers don’t stop there and become PADI instructors. Training on this program gives not only a possibility to acquire knowledge and experience but also helps to develop qualities and abilities, required for potential instructor.

The program of the Divemaster course consists of 3 parts:

  • Ability to float and evaluation of skills;
  • Ability to float and stamina;
  • Main skills required for diving

Theoretical course:

  • Physics of diving;
  • Diving skills and environment;
  • Monitoring cadets during the process of learning;
  • Conducting dives and controlling;
  • Planning dives;
  • The plan of actions in emergency situations (rescue technique in local conditions);
  • Making a card of underwater terrain.

Practical course:

This course includes well-structured lessons where all possible scenarios of the development of the actions are played and also real training dives on the PADI system. Such lessons give an opportunity to get practical experience as an instructor or a diver who controls dives in the open water being a coordinator and a guide in the underwater world at the same time.

Having got the Divemaster qualification you will be able to:

  • be an assistant of a PADI instructor;
  • control and coordinate the diver of non-certified divers who learn on the program of familiarizing with diving;
  • prepare the dives for training and entertainment purpose namely to plan them, organize and coordinate divers’ actions;
  • teach the PADI Skin Diver course and issue certificated;
  • conduct lessons with the certified divers on the Scuba Review program;
  • enroll in the course of training the PADI instructors.
  • Having successfully passed the course you will get a card and a wall certificate confirming awarding the Divemaster qualification and become a member of the PADI.