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Rescue Diver

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Follow-up training

General provisions

The Rescue Diver course will allow to learn all nuances of preventing accidents and make your trainings safe for you and people around you. You will get all basic knowledge and skills of efficient actions in unplanned situations. Within the course you will learn to react quickly and adequately to any problems occurring when diving and obtain first-aid skills (including medical) to your colleagues-divers. Apply to our diving club and we will open new horizons of diving for you.

The Rescue Diver course sets thinking how to make diving safe not only for you but for people around you as well.

Course Objectives:

The program of the course includes the following parts:

  • rescue and diver’s stress
  • first-aid when diving
  • actions in extreme situations;
  • first-aid in water and on the shore;
  • a panic diver;
  • a plan in case of loss of a diver;
  • raising unresponsive divers to the surface of water;
  • mouth to mouth resuscitation on the water surface;
  • going out of water;
  • medical assistance in case of accidents connected with a pressure;
  • scenarios of the accidents when diving.

Minimum age: 15 years