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Course PADI Tec 50

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Technical diving

General provisions

     The course PADI Technical Diving Tec 50 is a final stage of the program PADI Tec Deep Diver. This course trains the divers to perform technical decompression dives independently without the instructor. Also this course is intended for those who want to continue improving qualification and to prepare for taking Tec Trimix course.

Course objectives:

  • checking knowledge on the course theory, training in the pool or in the limited water space with the depth of diving from 2.4 to 10m on air or nitrox;
  • simulation of 5 decompression stops;
  • a dive with a simulation of a half an hour decompression dive with the depth to 24 meters. The dive to 50 meters with a decompression and use of two decompression gases;
  • a decompression dive to 50m with the use of two decompression gases (100% of oxygen, limited use of a trimix gas mixture is possible).

Duration and schedule of the course – 3 days.

The terms of enrolling in the course Tec 50:

  • PADI Rescue Diver certificate (or its equivalent issued by another organization);
  • PADI Tec 45 certificate (or its equivalent issued by another certifying organization);
  • to have a minimum of 100 registered dives, with at least 20 dives deeper than 18 meters and 15 dives deeper than 30 meters on nitrox or on air;
  • DAN insurance;
  • to have a medical statement permitting the dives;
  • to be at least 18 years old.

After completing the course PADI Tec 50 you can plan and perform the dives to the depth of 50 m (with the use of a decompression tank with nitrox). Also the course gives an opportunity to take the course PADI Tec Trimix 65.