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Course TEC Sidemount Diver

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Technical diving

General provisions

Within the course TEC Sidemount Diver you will learn the methods of committing technical dives with a sidemount configuration of the cylinders.

At the course you will practice the skills of the dives in configuration with more than 2 cylinders. The course is designed for the recreational divers who plan using sidemount configuration for future teaching technical diving and for the technical divers who want to use such configuration for their divers.

At the sidemount course you will learn how to place the cylinders on the sides along your body. This system starts from the cave diving, where side mounting of the cylinders is justified in a great extent. It allows the divers to move in the narrow cave entries very luxuriously unfastening the cylinders and placing them in front themselves, thus minimizing cross-section of the whole system.

Course objectives:

  • a student must learn to assemble and configure sidemount scuba diving equipment of Tec Sidemount configuration, to dive with two or more cylinders, to increase the diving depth and underwater time.
  • to familiarize with the advantages of diving with sidemount configuration;
  • to know how properly assemble technical sidemount configuration;
  • you will start using two cylinders configuration at the first lesson in the closed water;
  • during next four dives in the open water you will add two more cylinders and perhaps to bring the total number of the cylinder being used to six;
  • planning the dives with sidemount cylinders.

The terms of enrolling in the course Tec Sidemount Diver:

  • you are not younger than 18;
  • minimum level of training Sidemount Diver + PADI Deep Diver (or 10 dives to 30 meters logged in a personal logbook) + EANx Diver or equivalents of other diving associations;
  • 30 logged dives in sidemount configuration.