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PADI Nitrox Diver

System of training: PADI

Level of training: Specializations

General provisions

PADI Nitrox Diver – the dives with enriched air.

This course is for the experienced divers. The dives with Nitrox give an opportunity to prolong the time of staying underwater and to shorten the time between the dives. Within the course you will examine new decompression and basic rules and peculiarities of diving with Nitrox. Using of Nitrox is mostly justified at the depths of 18 to 30 meters. As a rule the mixtures with the oxygen content not more than 40% are used in recreation diving. Special equipment is not required for such dives unlike regular equipment which is used with air.

The OWD qualification and not less than 10 dives are required for enrolling in the course.

Course objectives:

  • to learn to plan and perform without decompression dives with nitrox with 40% oxygen content in the mixture;
  • to learn using the table of oxygen saturation DSAT’
  • to learn to calculate the limits of the dive basing on nitrogen using the tables of equivalent air depths DSAT and formulas;
  • to familiarize with practical moments of the dives with nitrox: use of oxygen analyzer,  marking the tanks, use of nitrox computer and so on;
  • to learn to define and avoid the dangers connected with the increased oxygen content in the respiratory mixture, to take care of your equipment, to choose optimal respiratory mixture for the depth being planned, to know how to use nitrox with the oxygen content from 40 to 60%.

The terms of enrolling in the Nitrox Diver course:

To be not younger than 12.